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8 Horizontal Rules and Dividers Enhanced with CSS

If you’re looking to take your HR’s up to the next level, you’ll want to check out this collection of CSS-styled dividers that go well beyond the default.


How ‘Lazy’ Price Estimates Can Cost Freelancers

In an effort to help freelance designers, we explore how you can more accurately estimate costs and fill clients in on the details.


20 Free Photoshop Layer Styles for Creating Beautiful Text Effects

Photoshop Layer Styles are a set of pre-configured commands that will take basic text and will quickly create typographical works of art for you. With just a single click of…


30 Poster Frame Mockup Photoshop PSD Templates

We have a fantastic collection of poster frame mockup PSD templates for Photoshop that allow you to showcase your artwork in realistic scenarios.


Weekly News for Designers № 563

This week’s Designer News – № 563 – includes Layoutit Grid CSS Grid Builder, 12 Timeless UI Patterns Analyzed, How to Create a Realistic Motion Blur with CSS Transitions, iPhone 12 Pro Mockups, Tips for a Great Dashboard UI, Phosphor Icons, aladar Free Handwritten Font and much, much more!


Signs Your WordPress Website Has Outgrown Its Hosting

How do you know when a hosting change is needed – or at least something you should consider? Today, we share a few signs that will clue you in.


Tips for Being a Good Design Mentor

It can be a challenge advising another designer. Whether it’s general career advice, technical knowledge or even tips regarding client relations.


The Grumpy Designer’s WordPress Plugin Pet Peeves

There are a number of plugin behaviors that have become pet peeves over the years. Here are a few of the more egregious – in one grumpy designer’s mind, at least.


Weekly News for Designers № 562

This week’s Designer News – № 562 – includes Developing for the Semantic Web, Animating Number Counters, Detect Accessibility Issues with Checka11y.css, Full-Bleed Layout Using CSS Grid, CSS Variables 101, Download Free Radix Icons, MathJax JavaScript Engine and a whole lot more!


The Deadly Communication Sins Freelance Designers Commit

Alright, freelancers – it’s time to confess! How many of you are guilty of not communicating regularly enough with your clients? Maybe you’re running behind on your deadline, and you’re…


25 Free Keynote Templates for Creatives

We share the 15 best Keynote templates that are completely free and you can use them not only for your clients’ presentations but also for your own projects.


15 Free Logo Reveal Templates for Adobe After Effects

You don’t have to be a motion design expert to create a stunning animated logo. Simply use a free logo reveal templates, like the ones we feature here.


Why Web Design Client Referrals Aren’t a Slam-Dunk